Who we are

Retevia is the first company to offer IPv6+, otherwise known as IPv4 as a Service.

The team

Lee Howard

@wleecoyote    lee.howard@retevia.net

Our founder, Lee led one of the world’s largest IPv6 deployments, and provided guidance to dozens of organizations like yours on when to buy addresses, use transition technologies, and when to sell addresses.

He co-chaired the IETF’s IPv6 Operations Working Group (v6ops) and the IPv6 Renumbering Working Group (6renum WG), and was a major contributor to the IPv4 Sunsetting Working Group (sunset4).

He has served on the Internet Architecture Board (IAB), the Board of Trustees of ARIN (the American Registry of Internet Numbers), and the NRO-NC (the Number Resource Organization Numbers Council).


Sander Steffann

@sjmsteffann    sander.steffann@retevia.net

Head of Research & Development, Sander is an IPv6, routing and security IT consultant and trainer.

He is focused on internet infrastructure related subjects such as IPv6, routing and security. He has done consultancy projects on all levels, from advising on the technical IPv6 road map and addressing plan for a Dutch bank to hands-on deployment of new technology in ISP networks and data centres.

Sander has been co-chair of the RIPE Address Policy Working Group since 2007.


Sudanshu Chandekar


Sudhanshu is a Network Operations Engineer, responsible for configuring and maintaining Retevia’s managed IPv6 solutions. Specifically, his responsibilities include administering systems, setting up IPv6 translation services , troubleshooting and monitoring the network.

He is currently pursuing his doctoral studies. His research interests are in the fields of Computer Networks, Network Metrology and Statistical Inference.  His doctoral research is at the intersection of these three fields where he applies  data analysis techniques on measured network data for the purposes of IP geolocation.

He is a student member of IEEE and SMPTE and has published two papers.


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