IPv6 for Sales and SEO

You can make your web site load 1/2 second faster with ten minutes of easy effort, improving your sales conversions and search ranking. We recently looked at how IPv6 is faster than IPv4.

Amazon says 100ms costs 1% of sales. Akamai reported that 100ms can hurt conversion rate by 7%.  In Europe, the Americas, and Africa, IPv6 averages 20ms faster than IPv4 (China is dragging Asia down in averages). If the Amazon/Akamai improvements are linear, enabling IPv6 should mean an additional 0.2% – 1.4% in sales.

A faster web site can improve your Google search results. Google says page speed [is] a ranking factor for searches. Google’s page speed rating isn’t based on their web crawlers, but on real user measurements, and as we know, a lot of users use IPv6. Mozilla has some notes on how latency improves page ranking, too.

Faster page load time means users are more likely to read your page.

For some typical settings, IPv6’s 20ms improvement would load an average web page 1/2 second faster.

Getting this speed bonus is pretty simple: ask for IPv6 from whatever company hosts your web site.

NOTE: Lee Howard is now at IPv4.Global by Hilco Streambank.

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